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About me

I'm a Mom of two sweet kiddos (and two fur-kids), wife, artist, graphic designer, business owner, web-designer, website host, and entrepreneur at heart.

Aside from my own business, Blue Monster Creative, I've created many other start-ups, building websites and complete branding for each.

I love art. I don't like cleaning up messes (aka washing brushes and palettes), so naturally, fluid art is a winner for me. The moment I found a YouTube video on acrylic pours in January 2018, I was HOOKED. A few days later, I came across beautiful Alcohol Ink art and I fell in love! The vibrant colours, the fine lines, the GOLD! Oh the GOLD! I HAD to figure out how to create alcohol ink art - especially those gold and metallic accents.

To be honest, I was quite bummed out when I read the back of the packaging (alcohol ink and Isopropyl Alcohol is toxic to breathe. Please be safe - gloves, ventilation, respirator, and sometimes scientific goggles), but I still had to try it!

So, here I am.

It's been a few years now, and I still love and enjoy every second of alcohol ink, and fluid art (including acrylic pouring and resin). I've learned from others, and especially through lots of practice - trial and error. I've had many requests to teach workshops, so I taught my first workshop in 2019. It was a blast, and my students enjoyed the process. I know I'll be teaching more again as soon as possible (post-pandemic)!

For local workshop dates, and to view my work, please visit my social media accounts. My gallery page shows a few of my pieces. For recent posts, please check out my Instagram and Facebook feed which are both updated regularly. I have YouTube tutorials that show my process and explain some of the tools I use. I hope you enjoy the videos! I'm happy to answer questions in the YouTube comments, and in my private Facebook group. Links to my social media accounts are also in the footer below.