If you're just starting out, these are my "must-haves!" Alcohol inks, air pushers, safety products, and a few other essentials to help you create beautiful works of art in no time!

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Alcohol Inks

Alcohol Ink - Tim Holtz Ranger - Mariner
Jacquard Pinata Brass
T-Rex Alcohol Inks
Jacquard Pinata Exciter Pack
Copic Frost Blue
Brea Reese Midnight/Berry/Teal
Tim Holtz Ranger Alcohol Ink
T-Rex Alcohol Ink
Jacquard Piñata Brass
Jacquard Piñata Alcohol Inks
Copic Ink Refill
Brea Reese / Momenta Alcohol Ink

More Brands I Love

Air Pushing Tools

Camera Lens Cleaning Bulb
Ceramic Hot Air Brush
Conair Hot Air Brush for Alcohol Inks
Wagner Heat Gun
world's smallest blower
Rocket Air Blaster
Hot Air Brush (Canada)
Hot Air Brush (Similar Alternative)
World's Smallest Blower
Heat Gun with Cool Down


yupo paper
pre-primed canvas
Clear Glass Ornament

Yupo Medium

Gesso Primed Canvas
Clear Glass Ornament
Blending Solution

Blending and Diluting

Blending pen
blending solution
isopropyl alcohol

Blending Pen

Blending Solution
Blending Solution

Isopropyl Alcohol 99%


latex gloves
safety goggles


Blending Solution

Latex Gloves


posca pens
gold leaf
gold leaf adhesive


Blending Solution
Gold Leaf Adhesive

Gold Leaf


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