Watermarking Digital Creations

Watermarking your digital creations

Benefits of watermarks

Watermarking your digital creations of any sort is both simple and beneficial. Here’s why you should add a watermark to your digital work:

✨ it works as a theft deterrent
✨ it provides credit to you – the artist/creator

Although any image can be digitally altered to remove watermarks, not everyone has the skills or software to do this. Watermarks won’t prevent all theft, but they’ll help deter some. Less of your work stolen is always a good thing!

In our time of online sharing, reposting can give the impression that someone else came up with YOUR creation, especially if you’re not given proper credit within that post. That’s really not fair to you. When you watermark, it’s like a stamp that shows you’ve made the creation, and possibly where people can find you for any enquiries.

How to watermark your work

You can easily watermark your work using the following:

✨ with a logo and/or text
✨ using apps (free or paid)

If you’re looking to gain brand recognition, it’s best to have a unique/original logo that is simple and memorable. I use my icon as it’s easy to fit in my work without it becoming a focal point and taking away from my work. You can pair a logo with text, such as “©️ Copyright YourName” and/or a website or a social media “@“ handle that you “own.” If you don’t have a logo, that’s no problem. Just use text, as mentioned.

There are so many apps available – free and premium/paid. Photoshop used to be my go-to since I use it daily; however, my favourite for convenience (available on desktop and mobile), and ease-of-use (easy, and fun to use!) is Adobe Express (affiliate link). There’s a free and pro version. You can watermark your creations with the free version 🙌🏼  (🤫 a new mobile version is coming soon so stay tuned for that! I’m excited for it!). If you need a hand with watermarking, visit me in my Facebook group: “Design, Print, and Web Help.” Below, is a screenshot taken while in Adobe Express mobile. This shows how I sometimes sneak my watermark into my work, using my logo icon.


When watermarking your digital creations, place your watermark on top of/within your artwork. If you place a watermark along the edge, it’s very easy for someone to crop out.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if this tip helps you 💜

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